The Unseen Lounge was really born out of an absence, My wife and I had recently moved to the east midlands and didn’t really know that many people, we realised that some of the best people we knew were swingers and kinksters and figured we would go to a couple of social events and make some new friends…… and there wasn’t any. So, in the absence of being able to go to someone else’s events, we decided to create our own.

We knew that we DIDN’T want to host at a swing club, not because they are bad places but because we wanted this to be a real social event and unfortunately at a club, there is a perception that anyone who talks to you, wants to get you naked. We knew that we wanted to be open for the whole community, regardless of age, body type, Gender identity or anything else.

Too many social events we were aware of had criteria to join. (Send a picture, are you hot enough, young enough etc.) That’s just not us. We figured, who are we to tell you who YOU find attractive. We started out small for our first event, 60 or so people came, and we still speak with and have ongoing relationships with people who came to our very first event.

"The Unseen Lounge now attracts between 150-200 people for each event"

And we try to do things bigger and better each time. It is important that these events feel like EVENTS, things not to be missed. We have hired opulent venues, had prize draws for sexy items worth hundreds of pounds, Hotel suite stays, Photographers, performers and of course what makes the unseen lounge what it is, the wonderful people that attend.

The Unseen Lounge is a place for the community to Normalise the lifestyle without ever outing anyone to what we are or who we are, We remain Unseen to the world but, we are a community who see AND support each other. Join us.

This is our Spring Social event, and we cannot wait to welcome you. We have hired a new, exclusive, and Fun venue for you all to enjoy which will be ours for the evening. As usual, we will be providing a wonderful, sexy event full of outstanding people for you to meet and flirt with. We are doing things a little bit differently for the Spring Fling.

We have:

• Outstanding performances throughout the evening

• Our own DJ playing tunes from the 90's – today

• Our house photographer to capture some outstanding moments of the night for you to enjoy

• A full meal and even some cheeky deserts! What more could you ask for?

The event theme for the Spring Fling is: Flowers, this can be interpreted as you wish: from full on flowery suit or dress, to something minimum like a flower pin. We ask that everyone dress to impress for all of our events.

Our events are open to all, including those from the LGBTQ+ and TV/TS communities.